Blood Sample Pregnancy Cow Testing for Cattle

The Pregnancy Cow test is one of the best management practices farmers can use to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their cattle pregnancy test cow. Economists estimate that cattle southeast of annual production costs of $ 400 or more per cow-calf every year. Open and non-pregnant cows consume considerable resources, if you wait until the end of the  calving season for sacrifice.

The results of  Pregnancy Cow tests provide valuable information to farmers so they can optimize their pastures,  pregnancy test crowfoot and other resources to cows produce a calf for sale.

Where can get  pregnancy cow ?
According to the system of the USDA National Animal Health Control 2008 (AHS) survey, only 18% of test operations pregnancy cow-calf Americans use to manage pregnancy test cow their herds, but fight against internal parasites by 82%. Although internal parasites reduce the productivity of a herd of cows, but it is in the power of open cows.

So why do not more farmers have their cows tested for  pregnancy cow? The difference between these two proven management practice quite possible that farmers can buy products and make this practice worming. The pregnancy test cow is a practice that only veterinarians and technicians could do until recently.

The new technology has been developed to quickly test cattle and other ruminants for  pregnancy cow with a simple blood test. Now farmers can get 2 cc of blood and send it to a laboratory for analysis, the results are available pregnancy test cow within 27 hours following receipt of the laboratory sample. Several laboratories capable of analyzing the blood for the presence of  pregnancy cow associated lipoproteins. The tests are 97-99% accurate, if it is taken at the right time.

 The examination must be made at least 30 days after the reading or 30 or more days after the bulls on the breeding herd. Cows that calved and nurses also have protein in the blood of  pregnancy cow up to 90 days after delivery and give a FALSE reading. Therefore, the test must be given 90 days after delivery and 30 days after mating.

Hiring a vet for a pregnancy test has technical advantages over the blood sample. Experienced veterinarians can detect pregnancy test cow 35-45 days after mating, the previous deadline without restriction. The results are presented immediately and allow immediate action, while the cow is still in Owens.

They can also  pregnancy cow provide an estimate of the age of the fetus, which offers a estimated delivery date. Blood samples should be sent for 27 hours and then analyzed in the laboratory, so that the cows must be returned to pens for classification.

 The results are simply whether or not without the estimation of age. The collection of blood samples, however  pregnancy cow, is much easier to master than palpation and farmers can do themselves rectal competence. Both methods, however, are an effective tool for management to consider.

Here is an example of how testing serum pregnancy cow test could be used to improve the management of a commercial herd. Say that our herd has a breeding season 90 days from 1 January to 31 March. This corresponds to a period of calving about 10 October until January 7. Cows in the herd does not provide a FALSE reading after April 7,  pregnancy test cow but it would be 30 days after breeding, so  pregnancy cow that the blood test will be determined from April 30.

 In this example, farmers can identify gaps or non-pregnant in mid-May, and the management  pregnancy cow of these cows cows accordingly. replacement heifers and calves nursing cows Apart No side could be sold pregnancy test cow immediately.

Open cows with suckling calves can be sorted and sold at weaning. Knowing the number of replacements needed to maintain herd size may give more preparation  pregnancy cow time to identify and raise replacement heifers, or find an appropriate source to buy. The main point is to have the information necessary to preserve resources for grazing and feeding of more productive cows.

There are two main companies that offer diagnostic blood  pregnancy cow. The cost of the actual laboratory test ranges from $ 2.50 to $ 3.50 per head based on the laboratory you choose and the number of samples pregnancy test cow presented. In addition, there is also the cost of blood tubes, needles, and the shipping cost.

Some laboratories offer complete test kits with all the necessary  pregnancy cow supplies, others just provide proof and require the purchase of supplies from a veterinary supply company.
finally try to test  pregnancy cow .

Blood Sample Pregnancy Cow Testing for Cattle

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