The different stages of pitbull pregnancy

Shaven updated in a while because the pitbull FALSE pregnancy puppies have been keeping me busy!  Ms. C has been healthy and doing well ever since she came home from the emergency vet pitbull pregnancy.  She has been taking her meds and Tums (for calcium supplements) like a champ.  Pitbull pregnancy she locomotives squeeze cheese!  She has also become best friends with our boy M and allows him to visit at the door  pitbull FALSE pregnancy to her room.

They’ve been having some awesome play pitbull FALSE pregnancy times together in the back yard.  She keeps up with him and puts us human women to shame!  She has also continued to do well with our other dogs during visits in the back yard…M pitbull pregnancy , however, is by far her  pitbull FALSE pregnancy favorite.

The puppies also continue to thrive, and have steadily been putting on weight (even the runt).  They are developing daily.

  Eyes opened for all except the smallest two pitbull FALSE pregnancy on Tuesday/Wednesday last week (the last to have eyes open–the runt, of course–was on Friday night).  The first time pitbull pregnancy one of those babies looked straight at me and tracked me took my breath away.

  They are all starting to crawl upright now, instead of “swimming,” and at feeding time pitbull FALSE pregnancy all of their tails go straight out pitbull pregnancy and quiver, which makes me giggle.  One of them sat properly for the first time yesterday (instead of trying to sit and falling over), and this afternoon when I was giving one pup a belly rub his scratching reflex kicked in for pitbull pregnancy the first time.

  A few of them brace all four legs when they are eating pitbull pregnancy, so they look like they are skydiving.  They are starting to pitbull FALSE pregnancy develop basic play behavior, which at this point mostly includes chewing and sucking on ears, heads, tails, and backs.  I am also starting to hear more complex vocalizations from them: from indignant shrieks (“Hey, you just stepped on my head, other-furry-thing-my-size!”) to pitbull pregnancy teeny tiny barks, growls, and sometimes startlingly human-baby like coos and hums.

Everyone also has names.  With 9 of them, it would be way too pitbull pregnancy confusing to just do initials, so after some consideration have  pitbull FALSE pregnancy decided to break my usual way of doing things and give full names.  The boys are Sprocket and Forgo (mostly white), and Tank and Nugget (mostly grey).

The girls are Phalli (mostly white), and Rain, Keita, Aria, pitbull pregnancy and Think (mostly grey, and Think is the runt).  The more unusual names are in honor of places in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, where I grew up.  Forgo is a town in Newfoundland.  Keita is short for Klein National Park in Nova Scotia.  And Phalli is a shortened and slightly altered version of Halifax pitbull pregnancy, capital city of Nova Scotia.  The others we named a bit more randomly.

Sprocket is in honor of my hubby’s love of all things mechanical and motocross pitbull FALSE pregnancy .  Tank is the biggest of the bunch.  Nugget has a little grey nugget in the middle of his white neck patch.  Rain has the lightest, pitbull pregnancy most silvery coat of the grey puppies.  Aria used to “sing” when she fed and is one of the most vocal pups.  And Think is short for Tinker bell–since she is so teeny-tiny.

What’s most exciting, however, is that we have potential  pitbull pregnancy adopters for all nine puppies AND Ms. C.

I will take more photos soon and upload them here.

In the meantime, I came across a wonderful bit of information.  Animal Farm pitbull pregnancy Foundation has started a program where they rescue pit bulls from shelters and train them to be service dogs.  There are three paired teams already.  I have always felt pitbull FALSE pregnancy strongly that you don’t need a dog that is bred for the job (rescue, detection, or service) to get a great working dog pitbull pregnancy .  In fact, I’ve had some interesting conversations with a friend who does early puppy training with an organization that trains seeing eye dogs.  All of their dogs are bred for the purpose (all labs, of course!).

  But for ages she couldn’t get a puppy because the litters that were being produced were  pitbull pregnancy all too “soft” (timid, easily startled, and fearful).  I can’t deny that they are doing important work at that organization–but it just goes to show that genetics do not determine how suitable a dog is for a particular “job.”  There is a wonderful pitbull FALSE pregnancy article on the early success Animal Farm Foundation is having with their new program,  pitbull pregnancy as well as information about the work that is required of a service dog, here: From Shelters to Service: “Pit Bull” Dogs Change Lives as Assistance Dogs.

  I was very excited to read about pitbull pregnancy it…imagine hospitable pregnancy many more dogs’ lives will be saved, and humans will be helped, if such a program becomes more widespread!  There are often huge waiting times for a service dog, because they are so in demand and can only be “produced” so quickly in breeding programs.  Using shelter pitbull pregnancy dogs could radically change this dynamic!

finally this  is my experience with pitbull pregnancy .

The different stages of pitbull pregnancy

dog, stages of pitbull pregnancy, pitbull pregnancy

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